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Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Fun with Technology (and Scrapbooking)

That's right, I've found more fun with technology!

I know I'm married to a technology guru, but it's so much more fun when I "discover" things for myself. I often say I know enough about technology to be dangerous! But trust me, my new fun technology is safe for all users!

This new, fun aspect of technology combines several of my "favorite things".

Taking pictures

Combine all those together and presto!

Photo Books from the Walmart Digital Photo Center!

There are several neat aspects of the Walmart online site, but I love the photo center. We've known for a long time about the ease of using the online photo center to send pictures to be developed. If my order is under $20, I can just send them the photos, then go pick them up and pay for them at my local Walmart! I have 2 Walmart stores close by, and it's easy to choose which one with just a click. So, no matter what town I'm in, I can go by and pick up my pictures.

The "new" part of the site that I've "discovered" is the photo book section. Basically, it's like online scrapbooking! I can upload my pictures from my computer or camera card . Then I choose from a PLETHORA of backgrounds and themes. I can also choose what size I want the album to be, whether I want it hardbound or paper, and even if I want a picture cover, standard cover, or cover with a picture window.

The best part is, I can make the books however long I need them to be (with a minimum of 20 pages -- but that's hardly a "minimum", right?) and add as many pages as I need. Not only do the pages allow me to put in pictures, but I can also add journaling. Which, as any ardent scrapbooker will agree, is a vital part of any photo album!

I can take as long as I want to create a book. I can save at any point along the way, edit and undo wherever I need to, or even discard the whole thing if I want! Best of all, I can order the books sent directly to my local Walmart for me to pick up. No shipping charges! With the photo books, I usually use my handy Walmart gift card to pay online, so all I have to do is drop by Walmart in about a week and pick up my books!

Believe me, these books are quite nice. I've made 4 so far! Can't wait to get together with my family this week to share the books I've made, and to take more pictures to use in creating more masterpieces!

As a book recommendation, I suggest the scrapbooking tools from Creative Memories! The company has local representatives that sell everything from paper and stickers to organizers and books. I love the idea books, like the one below. Or explore the website at! (ooo, more technology!)