A book is a friend for life. The words stay with you, even when you put the book down.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Time Change, Weekend, and Thoughts about Sisters

It's Monday morning of the "Spring Forward" time change. And I am dragging. I did okay yesterday, with getting up and around, and was even early for church. But this morning? I feel like I am slogging through quicksand. Or slowsand. I'm working on a cup of coffee, though, so maybe the caffeine will help.

While my thoughts are certainly all jumbled up this morning, one thing is clear. Despite the odd time change, one real thing never changes -- the love of family. My weekend was a perfect example of that.

This weekend was certainly busy! One of the highlights was my little niece's 6th birthday party. Her mom held it at the local bowling alley, and invited all the relatives and all the kindergarteners to the party. She was a bit sad at first, since she'd gotten RSVPs from only a few of the kids. Well, it turned out nearly the whole class came!! I would have been completely overwhelmed, but she handled it with her usual grace and smiling face. I am in awe of this amazing woman. Through all of her lifetime of personal struggle and tragedy, she continues to be a beacon of hope. (Oh, and my kiddos had a great time bowling -- my son even won a game, and so did I!)

Yesterday was a beautiful, windy, rainy Sunday. Despite the time change, we had a lovely worship service and average attendance. My sister-in-law and niece even came for worship! My kids love it when she is here! We try to spend every minute we can in her presence. My daughter even spent the night with her little cousin. After church, we ate pizza together and just generally "hung out" all afternoon. My kids love hanging out with their cousins, and I truly enjoy the quiet (and not-so-quiet) moments I get to spend with my sisters. How blessed I feel to have married my husband and gotten two sisters in the bargain! :)

For some great reading about sisters (who aren't blood-related but are "sisters" nonetheless), pick up the Traveling Pants series. I read these four books quite awhile ago, and there is a new one out! It's called Sisterhood Everlasting, and I can't wait to read it! There's also a related book called 3 Willows, which I believe is about the daughters of the original "sisters". Some fabulous reading, for women of all ages. It's about the friendship that connects us, whether we are born sisters or brought together as friends.

Monday, March 4, 2013

March, already??

Goodness, can it be March already? February was so full and busy, I can't believe the time got away from me!

The past two weekends have been incredibly busy! First, we took the junior high & high school youth to MidWinter camp. They had a great time, and so did we! Then, just after getting back, we attended the funeral of a very dear friend and outstanding member of our congregation. He will certainly be missed by all of us!

This past weekend was even more full! Friday we were out of school, thankfully, so we could get as much done as possible before my daughter's birthday party Friday evening. She got to go shopping with PaPa, and I believe they bought out the mall! :) She had a great turn-out for her party, and even had two of her friends sleep over Friday night. Saturday was completely filled with WinterJam! We left extra early and got to stand in line for a looooooooooong time, and even then, we barely got in and had seats behind the stage. No matter what seats, it was still a great concert and a great worship experience. We got home around 1:30 Sunday morning, got a little sleep, and headed to church! Even Sunday was filled to the brim, with church, my daughter's birthday dinner at the Chinese restaurant, and Bible study in the evening.

Whew! I'm exhausted just writing about it!

I would love to share a great reading recommendation at this point, but I haven't had time to read! Maybe next time!