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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Logistics of Family Togetherness

It's no secret, I love getting together with my family! I have a very close family, and we love spending time together. The problem is, we live very far away from them!

It's hard to get together very often when you live 8 hours from the people you want to see. It's actually a major undertaking. Thankfully, my kids are good travelers; but getting everyone else together is like organizing a small army. Make that an army of cats!

Usually, we manage to get together only twice a year -- Christmas and summer time. Sometimes, it's closer to Thanksgiving, or Fall Break, or Spring Break. However we can manage it, we get together when we can. We especially love heading out to the farm where my grandma lives. The kids love running around the wide open Kansas plains, and the cousins love coming out and running around with them! It's just difficult to get all of us in one place at the same time.

Most difficult of all is having to change plans. Yes, making the plans initially is tricky. Carrying out the plans is even more dicey.

As you can tell, I am experiencing this plan-changing right now. Because my son is sick, we are unable to get together with my herd (hmm, I mean family) when we originally planned. Hopefully everyone will be flexible and we can try again when the little guy is feeling better. Nothing like a long drive in the car with a sick child! And he would have NO fun out at the farm if he had to stay inside the whole time!

So, family, be patient. We'll try this again.

In the meantime, I'll be indulging in some light reading. To cheer myself up. I miss my family!

Light reading suggestion: Hester Browne's Swept Off Her Feet. I plan to enjoy it this weekend!

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