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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Nod to the Great Idea Guy

The guy who created Google docs deserves an award. Seriously.

Using Google docs allows you to write, edit, post, turn in, print, whatever you need to do to a document. Need to write an essay, then send it to your mom to read? No problem -- use Google docs. Wrote a research paper and need to send it to your professor? Use Google docs. Computer froze during the typing process? Just head to another pc and get it from Google docs!

I was afraid. It was new technology, and I didn't think I could run it. Guess what -- it was so easy, even I could use it!

So, a nod to the guy who created Google docs. And a nod to the great idea guy who helped me learn to use it!

On the same note, a nod to a book about a great idea guy -- Conor Kostick's Epic series.

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