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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Book I Want to Read

Usually, I write about something that's happened to me or a book I've recently read.

Today is a little different. I want to write about a book I haven't read.

I've been seeing this book pop up a lot in other blogs. The bloggers at SLJ have been passing word around about it. The book seems to be gathering momentum among readers of "award books", and articles about the book seem to be everywhere. The most common thread surrounding this book seems to be that the readers don't WANT to like it, but end up loving it.

I must get my hands on it! Maybe it will appear in my Kindle or Nook -- or maybe I'll buy myself an early Christmas gift. We certainly don't have it in our little school library. And I think I need to read it myself to see if it's appropriate for this audience.

So, what's the book?

The Returning by Christine Hinwood.

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